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  • Compliance & Audit scores for the overall experience and internal compliance!

    • Creating & Executing a Pandemic and Crises Management Plan ( Compliance & Audit)

      • Learning from the currently ongoing Covid-19 Crisis, what are the top steps a hotel can take to enhance guests and staff safety in the hotel?

      • Are arriving guests being screened with temperature checks?

      • Are team members being informed of symptoms and being advised to definitely stay home and call in in case of Illness?

      • Are cancellation policies ( Repeat guest friendly approach) laid out and communicated to all team members in particular Reservations and Third-Party booking sites?

      • How is HACCP assisting in the creation of the pandemic plan?

    • What are the potential risks that your hotel may encounter? What is the plan to mitigate these risks?

      • How good or relevant are your policies, training and resources in terms of Safety, Hygiene, Staff level of content, Finance, IT and much more!

      • Your online reputation is your 24/7 Audit. How can you go from Good to Great or Great to nearly perfect using daily audit mechanisms?

      • Are your regular walk- through happening in a structured manner?

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