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       Gross Operating Profits for full hotel and by Department:

  • Ways of  increasing or optimizing Gross Operating Profit ( Profits)

    • Is it a Revenue or a Cost related issue you are facing or maybe both?

    • How does your GOPPAR compare to similar Hotels in the market?

    • What are your top spend areas and what steps can one take to bring these costs down?

    • Is technology being used to increase productivity?

    • Ways of increasing Food & Beverage Profitability

      • Are your food and beverage experiences contributing to the demand as well as the positioning of the hotel?

      • Are you practicing revenue management and upselling in this area of the hotel too?

      • Are you analyzing your highest costs and setting action items to optimize costs? Labor, Food and Beverage Costs, Entertainment, Linen, etc.)

  • Ways of decreasing commission-based business or increasing the direct share of the business?

  • How well is your team trained in understanding the importance of Direct business and how do they react to rate parity objects presented by guests?

  • How can you either increase or decrease your distribution channels using technology and channel managers? How to find the right Distribution management partner ( s) to manage the development in this field?

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