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Engaging with local communities. A walk in the organic park

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Boutique Farm

Blog 1: Engaging with local communities. A walk in the organic park

As a Hotelier on an “up skilling sabbatical”, I decided to learn more and focus on “trend implementers” in the local community that I am currently residing in. A polished sea side Resort town named Hua Hin, 2 hours South West of Bangkok and along the Gulf of Thailand. And it is here or near abouts In Pranburi, where James Noble, A Boutique Farmer, Hotelier & General Manager, Executive and Personal Chef resides with his wife May. May has a particular relevance in the continuation of this story & Boutique farmer’s future too.

So now to the trends. Experiences such as Organic, Sustainable, Plant-Based and even sharing economy are much talked and written about, have a great following around the world and are relevant as well as debated topics. Unique to the findings of this visit to me personally is how a farmer is delivering organic foods whilst co-farming on behalf of renowned Food & Beverage Institutions and their chefs.

The produce is an A to Z of primarily vegetables and Fruits. From Solar Powered “Tunnels of Plants” to Beds of edible flowers and herbs. James and his team of farmers all live within a 30 km radius of the farm. All work on a split shift beginning in the wee hours in the morning and finishing late afternoons. Essentially Boutique Farmers allow for award-winning and caring institutions, both large and small to rent “a farm within a farm” and have “on-demand organic products” grown for them.

With James culinary roots, he was until very recently operating a bespoke and successful farm to plate restaurant. He very smartly and trendily decided to shut it down as demand for the restaurant was higher than what he could produce and also to focus on further farming and culinary innovation and then of course create the suspense with what comes next? This is where May fits into the picture.

As a part of his daily culinary operations in the restaurant, James cannot cook a thing (not even prep) till May; a farmarette (a female farmer) brings in the produce of the day.

Hence the next venture in Chiang Mai is “Waiting for May Café & Grocers”. “Piggy backing” on their experiences so far in Pranburi, the new venture will feature ORI9INS the gourmet farm, An AMAZING Thailand farm park , a Farm Factory, E-Bike track and 1000 sq. m of covered MICE & Wedding space.

And within those premises one shall find rent able managed farming space for the industry and general public offering an organically grown traceable product. The “crème de la crème of Hotel, Dining Brands & celebrity Chefs are already partnering with them in this “organic space & destination” in Northern Thailand.

As a matter of interest and as a “General Manager”, I will not allow myself to go into intricate technical de tails of buzzwords organic, ethical etc. The purpose of the above narration is to share this experience relating to culinary rehabs & Spiritual escapes with you and encourage you to follow James & May - “The Conductors of Ingredients”

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