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  • Revenues for full hotel and all departments in order of priority

    • Rolling forecasts & variance analysis- Rolling Action Plan

    • Are you using at least simple and relatively affordable revenue management techniques to ensure your fair share in the market?

    • Are all revenue channels being fully focused on? Is Revenue Management also being practiced in the Food & Beverage and Caterings departments?

  • Market share penetration in all relevant areas of the hotel:

  • Ways to Position your hotel in the market for the mid and long term

  • What are yours or your stakeholders goals in terms of categorization of your hotel?

  • Who are you benchmarking yourself against or just creating your own unique Niche? Whom are you chasing in terms of market share and who is chasing you?

  • Ways of making a Hotel a destination or an award-winning Hotel

  • Is your hotel currently capable of being a destination, yet is not there yet or are you in the vision/planning stage of creating one.

  • Which lifestyle element should it belong to? F&B, Wellness, Arts & Entertainment?

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