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Jay Jhingran


Accelerates your Hotel Business!

Accelerates your hotel business!

A multi-continent and

multi-lingual experienced

Hospitality Ambassador

Vienna- Salzburg- Toronto- New Delhi- Bangkok

Jay is an engaging hotelier, a hospitality management expert, a leader with a proven track record, a futurist, a storyteller, a thought-leader, a performer, a peoples person.


A multi-continent and multi-lingual experienced Hospitality Ambassador.


An Austrian citizen with Asian and European roots. Over 25 years of leadership experience with top global luxury and full-service hotel and resort brands in Asia, Europe, and North America. Operating experience at hotel and corporate level overseeing hotels ranging from three Ultra Luxury Resort Suites to Mega-City Hotels with 1590 Keys. 


Jay is known for being a polished, dedicated and knowledgeable Hotelier who has proven to lead and coach in a calm and effective manner. 

Jay’s Brand Engagements and affiliations have included:

Austria Trend Hotels

Austrotel Hotels

Chelsea Hotel Toronto  (Delta Hotels, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Langham Hotels)  

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

lebua Hotels & Resorts

The Continent hotel by Compass Hospitality

The principle of Jay’s Skills section is based on both soft and technical skills.

The soft skills revolve around a proven track record indicating strong leadership. supervision and mentoring of direct reports, enhancing teamwork, communicating effectively whilst being aware of cultural gaps, problem-Solving in a calm and effective manner, work ethic, flexibility and adaptability


The technical skills are based on internationally acclaimed and used GM key performance Indicators ( KPI’s) using the balance scorecard principle.  It also focuses on some relevant and known ( or not)  pain-points of stakeholders. Jay is a do-er and has a proven positive track record in terms of managing his teams time in such a way that the team has a path to achieving these KPI’s


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English Personal Story

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Contact Me


 Anton-Steinhartstrasse 3

A 5020 Salzburg  |  Tel: +436601008066

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